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WONDLAND Sniperplus-D crosse d'épaule vidéo pour HDV caméscope


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It perfectly supports all kinds of camcorders, such as SONY PMW-F3, SONY FS100, PANASONIC AF103, etc.
Deluxe Version F ----Standard Parts: Mattebox, Follow focus(standard version), baseplate, front handle, shouder pad and battery baseplate, follow focus whip, aluminium case

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2 124,00 €


The Adjustable range between surface of baseplate and center of matte box is 30-75mm

The center height of camcorder means the distance between the center of lense and bottom of itself. When the body of camcorder is overtop, just add the high platform to adjust it for a perfect shooting position, the adjustable range is 50-125mm.

Deluxe Version F ----Standard Parts:  Mattebox, Follow focus(standard version), baseplate, front handle, shouder pad and battery baseplate, follow focus whip, aluminium case

1. Mattebox

The latest professional Matte box with integrated function----



(1) The side flags can adjust the upper angle to work with the upper flags so as to achieve the best shading effect. The upper and side flags are all made by metal and baking finish with good quality. They can be disassembled and assembled easily and quickly.

(2) Dimensions: front dia is 201mm*154mm, the back dia is 110mm at the most.

      Available adapter dia : 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm

(3) It can be used with any sort of wide angle lens such as 35, 28, 24, 21, 18 and 14mm and even fish eye lenses;

(4) Two 4*4 filter rabbets, two 4*4 filter frames and the filters are rotatable.

(5) It can adapt to the 15mm rod and the height of the Matte Box can be adjusted quickly to meet the position of the lens.


2. Follow Focus

    Wondlan follow focus designed with  unique"adjustable damping ", allowing rotation more smooth in operation. It is manufactured precisely and has minimum backlash. The crank brings better grip and the whip can be used by follow focus man and filmtakers synchronously. The whip greatly expanded operating range of follow focus. Wondlan follow focus allows the operator’s focus pull more efficiently and precisely.

(1)Follow Focus

The unique design of damp, soft touch and accurate focus make our Follow Focus outstanding in the professional market.

(2)Gear Ring

It can adapt to 110mm lens at most

(3)Focus hand handle (crank)

You can focus drastically to make an effect of nervous.



3. Support system

(1)front handle
Designed according to the human engineering.  It can be adjusted to a most comfortable position according to the different figures.

(2)the platform
The platform can adjust to the front, back, left, right, up and down to meet the lens and cameras of all sizes.
(3)shoulder pad
Precision work by CNC, the perfect match of aluminum alloy outer skin and top grade soft pad. It can exceed vastly to the counter product no matter the appearance or the comfort indext.
(4)battery base
The base can be overturned neatly. Turning upward can shorten the distance to connect the wires much conveniently. Turning down can be a prop for the shoulders and lighten the weight of your hands.


4. Packing

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